Before the Tea Cools...

Welcome aboard to yet another corner of my website, dedicated to a variety of interests which are near and dear to my heart. Here you can find various shrines, tracking pages, a healthy dosage of cringe, sperging of all varieties and more! Please kick back, relax and browse at your own leisure. If it ever gets to be too much for you, feel free to grab your coat from the rack and head on back.

Drinks Menu

Translations - Tastes like accomplishment. An outgoing link to my Dreamwidth account which hosts all the translations I've completed. (Slow updates).

Enstars Tracker - Tastes like nostalgia. As it says on the tin, it's a place for me to babble nonsensically about an anime boy series I've been invested in since high school.

Yume Ship - Tastes incredibly sweet, and depending on your tolerance, may make you cringe. A corner of my site dedicated to a fictional character I admire deeply... bear witness to my cringe. Or not. I'm not a cop.

Bookshelf - Tastes like knowledge, best consumed on a rainy day. A page dedicated to books/adjacent texts that I've read, and my subsequent thoughts on them. Contains (marked) spoilers. (INCOMPLETE)

Collection - Tastes like joy. This page is dedicated to certain geeky things I've been collecting: mainly CDs, bromides, postcards, and the like. (INCOMPLETE)

Oshikatsu & Otakatsu Info - Tastes like friendship. A small guide about a section of Japanese fan culture with information I've gleaned from across the web and my own personal experiences. Just a lot of yapping, really. (INCOMPLETE)

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